We at Parkland First Baptist Church are committed to loving God, loving others, and making disciples.  It is our belief that Jesus Christ came to give us a meaningful purposeful life and we aim to help you discover your God-give purpose.


One of our sayings at PFBC is 'Come As You Are.' We say this because we've been blessed by God's grace, and are eager to share that grace with others. So, if you were to visit PFBC, you'd encounter people from all walks of life including others in the same boat as you.


There's also those who call PFBC home. We have people who have lived in God's grace the majority of their lives, and we have others who have lived a life of addiction, and have just recently accepted God's love and grace in their lives. People with all sorts of backgrounds are here eager to meet you and make your visit a positive one.

Whatever the case, there are others here to share life with and walk next to in your journey down the path of seeking God first. Our hope is that you connect with others and grow in your faith.