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In Memory of Winston Lazaroo

For a year and a half we've heard of people getting sick and dying from COVID-19. I believe that this pandemic has been politicized way too much. At first, I thought we'll overcome this virus with treatments and vaccines; after all we live in the most advanced nation in the world, right? Yet, a couple of weeks to flatten the curve has stretched into 18 months.

This past week, this dreaded virus struck a dear friend - Winston Lazaroo. He's the first person that I know died from the virus. I've known others who had it and recovered, but none had died.

Winston was an amazing man. He shared stories with me about his youth, his salvation experience, and how his life was committed to furthering the gospel. Jesus made a dramatic change in Winston's life and that was seen in his call to start churches as a missionary from Singapore to the US. He made a big impact on many lives around the world. In his latter years he drove a bus for the Muckleshoot Tribal Schools. I found out through Facebook that the tribe will miss him greatly, especially his fellow bus drivers and the kids.

He definitely touch my life for the better. I will miss my prayer times with him in a mighty way!

Join the family in a Celebration of His Life this Saturday at 11:00 at out church. Keep June, John, Jasmin and his grandchildren in your prayers.

Until we meet again, Winston.

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How's Your Heart?

In the Panorama of the Bible class this week our lesson was on the divided kingdom. Israel only had three kings before the kingdom was split into two. The main reason for the split were the sins of the kings.

Saul started out as a good king, but he would lose his heart for God. David is described as a man after God's own heart. He kept his heart for God eventhough he sinned grievously. He would repent of his sins and allow to work through him which was a positive trait. Solomon shared his heart for God by also worshipping other gods. His marriage to many foreign women led him to stray from total obedience to God.

Sadly the Bible records God's reaction to Solomon. In 1 Kings 11:9-10 say, "The LORD was angry with Solomon, because his heart had turned away from the LORD, the God of Israel, who had appeared to him twice. He had commanded him about this, so that he would not follow other gods, but Solomon did not do what the LORD had commanded." God's judgment upon Solomon was to tear the kingdom into two parts.

All three of the kings started out obediently following God's ways; and yet, each would allow his heart to be corrupted by sin. What can we learn from them? The biggest take away from their lives is to keep your heart for God and Him only. The world we live in is doing it's best to keep you from being totally whole heartedly in love with God. We live in a very narcissistic age and the temptation is great to share your heart with sin or to totally turn away from God. Keep watch over your soul and do not share your heart with anyone or thing!

Oh, by the way, there is a King coming who will God's chosen King for His Kingdom--Jesus Christ!

In His Love!

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Would Like To Help?

We've had a lot of disasters lately. Fires in the west, hurricanes in Louisiana, flooding in Tennessee and the Northeast all create a humanitarian crises. People are without electricity, water, food, and sometimes shelter. Our government along with Red Cross and other organizations mobilize to help them out.

Thant includes the SBC Disaster Relief. Durina Taylor, one of our members, has been in on those relief missions. We have teams that clean mud out of houses, cut downed trees, provide showers, laundry facilities, counseling and meals. In fact, when the Red Cross delievers meals, they are most often cooked by a Southern Baptist.

In fact, the Souther Baptist Disaster Relief is the third-largest disaster response group in the nation. It is composed of a network of state-based volunteer teams that bring more than clean up, but healing of Jesus Christ.

In 2020, the SBDR used 673,000 volunteer hours, 754,000 meals prepared, 7,000 gospel presentations given, and 875 plus professions of faith.

Durina can share her experience with and if you want to join her, just let us know.

In His Love!

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