COVID-19 Reopening Policy

COVID -19 Reopening Policy

COVID-19 continues to plague our country, state, county, and community. As a result, we as a church have been having online worship services over our Facebook page . Just follow the link and join us on Sunday morning at 10:00 AM.

As PFBC reopens for worship services and small groups, the following policy will guide the church as directed by the state of Washington and the Center for Disease Control. The church shall follow the Guidance for Communities of Faith by the Center for Disease Control to the best of its ability.

The staff of PFBC is/has

·                    Educated all employees about coronavirus, how to prevent transmission, and the church’s COVID-19 policies.

•                   Screening employees for signs/symptoms of COVID-19. Making sure sick employees stay home or immediately go home if they feel or appear sick. Cordoning off any area where an employee with probable or confirmed COVID-19 illness worked, touched surfaces, etc., until the area and equipment is cleaned and disinfected following the cleaning guidelines set by the CDC to deep clean and disinfect.

•                   Maintaining minimum six-foot separation between all employees, members, and visitors in all interactions and at all times. When strict physical distancing is not feasible for a specific task, other prevention measures are required, such as use of barriers, minimization of individuals in narrow, enclosed areas and waiting rooms.

•                   Provided personal protective equipment (PPE) such as gloves and face coverings as appropriate or required to employees for the activity being performed. Required employees to use PPE as appropriate or required for the activity being performed. A facial covering must be worn by every individual not alone at the location.

•                   Ensured frequent and adequate hand washing with adequate maintenance of supplies. Using single use disposable gloves, where safe and applicable, to prevent transmission on items that are touched frequently or shared and discarded after a single use.

•                   Established a housekeeping schedule that includes frequent cleaning and sanitizing with a particular emphasis on commonly touched services.


The policy for meeting for worship and small groups include the following: 

·        Appropriate CDC and DOH safety posters are posted on the bulletin board.

·        Access will be primarily through our front door.

·        Everyone shall wear face covering while in our service.

·        There may be no direct physical contact between each other.

·        Lord’s Supper will be observed with pre-packaged elements.

·        Singing is permitted, but each person must remain masked.

·        Only one (1) person allowed in a restroom (unless helping a child) at a time. After using the restrooms, the person shall use the disinfectant wipes to sanitize every fixture they touched.

·        Hand washing in encouraged or the use of hand sanitizer provided.

·        Disinfectants are available in the restrooms, foyer, and kitchen.

·        All high-touch surfaces shall be sanitized after each service.

·        Six feet physical distancing between attenders/families in the worship center and other areas shall be maintained.

·        Trashcans and tissues are available in the foyer.

·        Each person entering must self-screen for signs and symptoms of COVID-19 prior to entering the building. If anyone is showing symptoms or has a fever of 100.4o F, cannot enter or attend the service.

·        There will no Children’s Church on premise.

If you have any questions, please call Pastor Alan or email him at