December 22, 2022 Alan Daws

Realities of Christmas

Realities of Christmas

This came in my email this morning. It is from a blog called SBC Voices and is written by Dave Miller, a pastor in Iowa. Enjoy!

Here are the non-debatable, inarguable realities of Christmas. You may not agree. This is America. You have the right to be wrong!

  1. George C. Scott was Scrooge and other versions are vying for second place in "which is the best 'Christmas Carol'" discussions. He is the gold standard.
  2. Die Hard was an entertaining action movie set at a Christmas party. It is NOT a Christmas movie and only heretics, Gnostics, and liberals say it is.
  3. The Christmas classic "A Christmas Story" should have ended with the narrator, the adult Ralphie, appearing with an eye patch, after shooting his eye out with the BB gun.
  4. Egg nog is ample proof of a fallen world. Bletch.
  5. Artificial trees are for artificial people. A true celebration of Christmas requires a REAL tree decorated with enough strings of lights that it becomes a fire hazard.
  6. I don't care about the lack of theological depth, Silent Night is a beautiful hymn and it needs to be a prominent part of our Christmas celebration!
  7. Grandkids make the celebration of Christmas both infinitely better and more expensive.
  8. Dieting at Christmas is both immoral and impossible.
  9. Mary knew a lot and those who constantly criticize that song are theological nit-pickers who don't understand poetry.

Have a blessed Christmas season!