July 20, 2022 Alan Daws

Need A Laugh?

Need A Laugh?

We all need to laugh every once in a while. This week has been a tough one for me and I sure do. Here are some church sign messages that might make you giggle:


  • For Hope—Worship with Us; We Have a Real One
  • Be a Fountain, Not a Drain
  • There’s a Mighty Go in Gospel
  • The Mind Grows by Taking in, But the Heart Grows by Giving Out
  • God Grades on the Cross, Not the Curve
  • If God Had a Refrigerator, Your Picture Would Be on It


  • Come Inside for Free Faith Lift
  • God Wants Full Custody, Not Just a Weekend Visit
  • Psalms Read Here
  • Visitors Welcome—Members Expected
  • God: Let’s Meet at My House Before the Game
  • Forecast: The Son Will Shine Forever
  • A Bible That’s Falling Apart Often Belongs to Someone Who Isn’t

Thought Provoking

  • Character Is How You Treat Those Who Can Do Nothing for You
  • Practice Makes Perfect; Be Careful What You Practice
  • Every Home Is a School. What Do You Teach?
  • If You Don’t Like the Way You Were Born, Try Being Born Again
  • God: About My Book; There Will Be a Test
  • Never Put a Question Mark Where God Puts a Period


  • Sunday’s Sermon: The Reality of Hell; Come Early and Hear Our Choir
  • Don’t Give Up; Moses Was Once a Basket Case
  • When It Comes to Giving, Some People Stop at Nothing
  • Tithe If You Love Jesus; Anyone Can Honk
  • Blessed Are the Flexible for They Shall Not Be Bent Out of Shape

Hope you enjoyed them!

Onward and Upward!