June 23, 2022 Alan Daws

Ugh, I Don't Want To Go Church

Ugh, I Don't Want To Go Church

Do you have Sunday mornings that you just don't feel like going to church? As a pastor, I can say I Do! I love to worship, sing praise songs, preach the message, and see everyone. Yet, there are some Sundays, I just don't want to get out of bed. If you feel this way, let me share with you helpful steps to get up and go on to church.

  1. Confess you struggles to God. He knows your feelings and situation. Talk it over with Him.
  2. Pray for a changed heart at least for the this weekend. Ask God to change you enough to get through the next couple of days. He often changes your attitude once you pray about it.
  3. Love the church anyway. In 1 Corinthians 16:24 Paul says, "My love be with you all in Christ Jesus." That church was a mess and he loved them. Let's love our messy church enough to show up.
  4. Don't let the enemy discourage you. Satan delights when we show up at church with bitterness or hopelessness. Don't let him have the victory. Believe God will bless you when you attend.
  5. Thank God for the opportunity to go to church. Many believers around the world don't have the privilege like we do without the threat of persecution.
  6. Choose to be obedient. Sometimes you must love God through your actions, even when your emotions say differently. Gathering with God's people is a sign of obedience even if it hurts.
  7. Lastly, intentionally go and look for glimpses of God's presence. Often, we see what we expect to see in church. If you expect to be aggravated, you will be. Instead, go with eyes of faith. Watch what God is doing in our church!

I hope this helps next time you feel like skipping church. It helps me when I feel that way.

Onward and Upward!