May 12, 2022 Alan Daws

Keep Praying For That Loved One!

Keep Praying For That Loved One!

Over the years, I've known faithful believers praying a long time for a non-believing loved one or prodigal son. It can be very discouraging to pray for years and see no answer. One might want to give up thinking "God doesn't care" or "doesn't hear your prayers." I'd like to share with you a few reasons to keep believing and praying.

1. God is still drawing people to Himself. Remember, His Spirit is still at work convicting people of sin, righteousness, and judgment (John 16:8-11). It’s possible your loved one is next. 

2. It’s the enemy who wants you to give up. Satan wants to discourage you, enticing you to believe there remains no hope for your loved one. Don’t give him that kind of power in your life.

3. God loves your loved one more than you do. Your love for them is deep, but God’s love is even deeper. That truth gives me hope. 

4. God’s calendar and clock are not the same as ours—but they are always right on time. His timing is always, always perfect—and we’ll forget about any perceived delay when He does indeed answer our long-term prayers.  

5. God sometimes takes His time responding to us because of what He wants to do in us.  We’re focused on our loved one, but God’s focused on us, too. He might be teaching us patience, trust, faith, and perseverance—all that will make us even stronger witnesses for those we long to reach. 

6. God may well be working in your loved one, even though you don’t recognize it. When God is doing His work, He’s under NO obligation to let us in on the details. He’s God; we’re not—and our job is just to trust Him as we wait and watch on behalf of our loved ones.

7. Some of us can speak of God’s amazing grace in the lives of our loved ones. Share your story of God's grace in your life. Those stories of God’s patience and faithfulness should compel us to keep trusting and praying for your loved one. 

To His Glory!