November 18, 2021 Alan Daws

Daily Bible Reading

Daily Bible Reading

How are you liking the daily readings? If you follow our reading plan listed in the right column, you'll read through the bible in chronological order. We have read 62% of the bible thus far. It's not too late to start. We'll soon be in the New Testament and will finish on May 27, 2022.

Let me throw out another challenge for you. Read the one chapter of the gospel of Luke each starting December 1. You will finish the book on Christmas Eve. It should give you a greater appreciation for the birth of our Savior.

For those of you who are following our plan, what have you learned? I've been intrigued at how hard hearts become as people turn their backs on God. In Jeremiah, we see him speaking on the Lord's behalf numerous times pointing out Israel's sin and the judgment to follow. And yet, they didn't listen to him or the other prophets speaking for the Lord.

Do you do that? Ignore what the Bible tells you, don't listen to the Holy Spirit, or forget what you've learned in church? I pray that as a member of our church and a follower of Jesus you don't follow the example of Israel and refuse to listen to God.

What about our church? Can a church refuse to follow God's mandate of making disciples? If we do, could we be judged and sent into exile? Does God discipline a church when they fail to follow his guidance? I am coming to believe a church can end up in exile with God's hand of blessing off of it until it repeats and returns to Him.

Are we there? Stay tuned for more insights on this subject. The plan is to take a reality check in January and find out. Pray for the church in the meantime.

Glory To God Alone!