November 11, 2021 Alan Daws

God Bless Our Veterans

God Bless Our Veterans

As I write this, today is Veteran's Day. Thank you to all of our veterans!

This week is also the anniversary of my father passing away 5 years ago. He served in the Army between the Korean War and the Vietnam War. Because he'd known others who fought in both of those wars and in World Wars 1 and 2, he never felt he should be called a veteran. He never saw combat and did not want to be included in with the group of those that did. He told me once those who fought should be honored, but he didn't consider himself a veteran.

Five years ago on Veteran's Day, my dad was in Hospice care. A local veteran group came to the hospice center with crocheted blankets they made to give all the veterans who were near death. As they came to my father's room, my mother told them not to bother because my dad didn't consider himself a veteran. The chaplain talked to mom about my dad's service. He told her they were honoring him as a veteran because what he did, though not in combat, helped those that did see action. He was important!

A lot of our service men and women go through life as unsung heroes. They never brag or boast about their time in the service. They, like my father, want to fly under the radar. To those veterans I want to say "Thank you!" Whether you saw combat or not, you are important!

Happy Veteran's Day!

Glory To God Alone!