September 23, 2021 Alan Daws

In Memory of Winston Lazaroo

In Memory of Winston Lazaroo

For a year and a half we've heard of people getting sick and dying from COVID-19. I believe that this pandemic has been politicized way too much. At first, I thought we'll overcome this virus with treatments and vaccines; after all we live in the most advanced nation in the world, right? Yet, a couple of weeks to flatten the curve has stretched into 18 months.

This past week, this dreaded virus struck a dear friend - Winston Lazaroo. He's the first person that I know died from the virus. I've known others who had it and recovered, but none had died.

Winston was an amazing man. He shared stories with me about his youth, his salvation experience, and how his life was committed to furthering the gospel. Jesus made a dramatic change in Winston's life and that was seen in his call to start churches as a missionary from Singapore to the US. He made a big impact on many lives around the world. In his latter years he drove a bus for the Muckleshoot Tribal Schools. I found out through Facebook that the tribe will miss him greatly, especially his fellow bus drivers and the kids.

He definitely touch my life for the better. I will miss my prayer times with him in a mighty way!

Join the family in a Celebration of His Life this Saturday at 11:00 at out church. Keep June, John, Jasmin and his grandchildren in your prayers.

Until we meet again, Winston.