September 09, 2021 Alan Daws

Would Like To Help?

Would Like To Help?

We've had a lot of disasters lately. Fires in the west, hurricanes in Louisiana, flooding in Tennessee and the Northeast all create a humanitarian crises. People are without electricity, water, food, and sometimes shelter. Our government along with Red Cross and other organizations mobilize to help them out.

Thant includes the SBC Disaster Relief. Durina Taylor, one of our members, has been in on those relief missions. We have teams that clean mud out of houses, cut downed trees, provide showers, laundry facilities, counseling and meals. In fact, when the Red Cross delievers meals, they are most often cooked by a Southern Baptist.

In fact, the Souther Baptist Disaster Relief is the third-largest disaster response group in the nation. It is composed of a network of state-based volunteer teams that bring more than clean up, but healing of Jesus Christ.

In 2020, the SBDR used 673,000 volunteer hours, 754,000 meals prepared, 7,000 gospel presentations given, and 875 plus professions of faith.

Durina can share her experience with and if you want to join her, just let us know.

In His Love!