April 29, 2021 Alan Daws

Don't You Dare!

Don't You Dare!

One video on America's Funniest Videos had a mother telling her toddler child not to reach for a cup. Each time she would say "No", he would look at her and reach for it. Getting closer and closer to it her "Nos" became more emphatic; yet, he reached out, grabbed it and spilled it with gleeful laughter.

Has that ever happened to you as a parent? Did you know that happened to God? In Deuteronomy 29 as Israel is preparing to enter the promised land, Moses recounts their history, the giving of the law, and the covenant God had with them. He warned them to obey God and not stray by worshipping other gods. Yet, that is exactly what happened.

Moses told them if they strayed God would bring judgement upon them and they would be carried off by a foreign nation. If you remember your Biblical history, Assyria captured Israel and Babylon took Judah into exile. Moses' prophecy came true! Fortunately, God is a forgiving God and as Israel returned to Him, they were restored in the promised land.

Apply that to you me. We know how to live out God's commands since we have His Word teaching them to us. How many times does God say to you "Don't do it!" and you reach out and do it anyway? The more we disobey God in one area of our life, the easier it gets to be disobedient in others. We need to remember there are consequences to our actions. We may not be exiled but we will lose our fellowship with God. Yet still, He is a forgiving God for when we repent and return to Him our fellowship is restored.

Like Moses said to Israel, "Do not turn to the left or the right" but follow the path God has set before us.

As always, Onward and Upward!