March 18, 2021 Alan Daws

No Fear!

No Fear!

This week one of our daily Bible readings was in Leviticus 26. The chapter begins with God telling Israel if they obey His will and keep the covenant He is making with them they would greatly benefit. He would provide them all the food they needed without any worry of famine. The fruit trees and grape vines would produce abundantly. They would be secure living in their land. Then it says, " I will give peace to the land, and you will lie down with nothing to frighten you. I will remove dangerous animals from the land, and no sword will pass through your land. You will pursue your enemies, and they will fall before you by the sword." Leviticus 26:6–7.

Imagine living in an environment where there is no crime, no enemies wanting invade the country, and wild beasts are no where to be found. As it says "nothing to frighten you."

Life with the peace of God is truly amazing, but we don't have it. Why? Because of sin. In Israel's case, the turn their backs on God in rebellion and did not keep His covenant. They turned to other idols and acted like those nations around them, even sacrificing their children. God eventually brought judgement up them and they were exiled for 70 years!

We live with all the fears Israel was promised not have. We live in a fallen and broken world with sinful and evil people. Fear and anxiety are part of our everyday life. Yet, as Christians, we can look forward to the day when we are in Heaven living like Leviticus describes! Until then, we have to trust God to see us through all the trials, tribulations, and troubles by giving Him our anxiety and fear in prayer. Then the Peace of God will guard us (Philippians 4:7).

Until then,

Remember: He is Risen!