December 17, 2020 Alan Daws

A Christmas Gift

A Christmas Gift

With anticipation and excitement I try to sleep on Christmas Eve. I know, I'm an adult, but getting up and opening presents still brings me great joy. However, as pleased as I am to get my gifts, I like to watch my family open their gifts from me. To see their eyes light up and their jaws drop saying, "Wow, I really wanted this." That brings me such gratification.

Today, I delivered Brandon the money for his glasses. As I handed him the check in a Christmas card from the church, I told him that we love him and Jesus loves him! He began to tear up and his voiced quaked as he said thank you. He quickly left to go back to work, but couldn't make it because of his tears. His co-workers asked if he was okay and he explained what had happened. Not only was he touched by our gift, but the store saw what we did. Several even came and thanked me for our kindness. I went away with that joyful feeling of satisfaction that comes when someone opens their gift on Christmas morning.

As we approach Christmas, how do think the Father felt watching His Son leave his rightful place in heaven to humble Himself and come to earth as a baby. He was born into the poorest and dirtiest circumstances. Yet, He was God's gift to the world that first Christmas morning. Imagine the joyful satisfaction of the Father as He watched the shepherds come and "open their gift" that night. To see their excitement and happiness in the sight. Finding the child just like the angels said as a baby wrapped in swaddling cloths.

Have you received that gift? My prayer is that you have, if not, give me a call. What are giving your family and friends this year? A watch, jewelry, clothes, or toys. Why not include a baby wrapped in swaddling cloths that would transform their life? As a church we changed a young man's life by a gift of glasses, but as a believer you can give the life changing gift of Jesus as you share with those you love.

Merry Christmas!