July 02, 2020 Alan Daws

How Are You Doing Spiritually?

How Are You Doing Spiritually?

How are you doing spiritually? Has anyone ever asked a question like that? I was reading an article recently about discipling others and entitled "Seven Questions To Use In A Discipling Relationship." One of the questions was simply, "How have you seen God work since we last met?"

That's an interesting question, where have I seen God at work? Offhand I couldn't think of anything. Then as pondered a little more, I began to see God's hand at work around me. The first place was in my daily reading. The Holy Spirit pointed out to me that Solomon knew he was sinning against God when he married Pharaoh's daughter. So much so, that he had to build a house for her outside of Jerusalem because the city was a holy place as it housed the Ark of the Covenant. Apparently, he knew she was not a part of the covenant people, God's people, and she couldn't stay in God's city. A few chapters later we learn that Solomon married many more foreign women and God judged him for his disobedience.

How many times do we sin and know it's a sin and do it anyway? We think we can hide it from God or others, so we go ahead and commit the sin. However, God knows everything we do and no matter how hard we sin where no-one can see, God still does. Our fellowship with God will be broken until we confess and repent.

What has God shown you that is sinful in your life? Is it something that everyone else is doing, so it must be okay? Solomon like other kings married women to form alliances, yet God had strictly forbid that practice. Just because others do it, doesn't mean it's okay.