April 29, 2020 Alan Daws

Pastor's View

New Blog From Pastor Alan

Changes, are they good or bad? We've moved Parkland First Baptist Church's website to a new host that allows us to do far more than before. One of the options is for us to have a weekly blog. As pastor, I've always wanted to do a blog, but just never found the right format for me. This new website offers the easiest way to begin. So, here it is.

My desire is to share thoughts that are wondering around in my mind, ideas for church growth and personal growth, insights into the Word of God, and just to be an outlet for my thinking. I enjoy sharing my ideas, thoughts, etc. out loud so I can hear how they sound and in front of others to hear feedback. 

This blog will cover a number of topics dear to my heart and church. At times, I may share other topics of general interest. I hope you enjoy it!